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Graphs that make sense of the OccupyWallStreet & related protests

Have any other NSFM participants heard from colleagues/friends/relatives comments along the lines of: “I really don’t get what these protestors are all about?”  “But what do they hope to achieve?” If so, why not suggest that they have a look at these easy to read slides written by a business friendly US website: Perhaps […]

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Hazel Henderson comments on FTT

I am for a global financial transactions tax. The need to downsize the global bubble of financialization and tame this global casino ( as I have written for decades ! )  Today, HFT is another compelling reason. Specious arguments about  the supposed “difficulty” of  collection.  Nonsense , as we point out , can be done […]

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So where do YOU stand on the FTT?

The argument for and against the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is gathering pace within the NSFM community too! reported that Howard Sherman amongst others spoke against it in a panel debate: Whilst John Fullerton and Avinash Persaud have argued for it, with some caveats: So here’s your chance to tell us […]

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