5 days to register for Harvard Business Review/McKinsey 'Long-Term Capitalism Challenge'

Dear NSFMers

We’ve just found out about a competition being run by Harvard Business Review and McKinsey & Co to encourage a long-term approach to capitalism.

They are looking for stories (about projects in action) and “hacks” which are bold, radical ideas.

We are sure many of you could contribute and some of you may not have heard of this competition.

It’s very simple to register - http://www.managementexchange.com/m-prize

Then for your “hack” you just need to fill out a simple web-based form: title/summary, problem definition, solution descritpo, practical impact, challenge, frst steps and then any credits.  Please do mention NSFM as a community that encouarges this kind of thinking/action!

If by chance you decide not to enter, you can still contribute by signing up and saying if you like/don’t like any of the ideas.  There aren’t so many investment professionals/academics on the site so NSFMers can play an important contributory role.  And we may be able to encourage new people to join NSFM.

The deadline for everything is 11th May – you have  5 days!  Let me know if I can be of any more help - Charlotte[at]sustainablefinancialmarkets.net

Good luck!