Call for comments on human rights framework

NSFM participant Ed Waitzer endorses a proposed UN policy framework to manage business and human-rights challenges, and calls on those involved or interested in the challenges of corporate social responsibility to give the framework their practical support. The framework was developed by John Ruggie, a professor at Harvard’s Kennedy School of Government. Mr. Ruggie is welcoming public feedback on his blueprint, through a dedicated online forum, until 31 January 2011.

Ed argues that in our hyper-integrated global economy, corporate performance and resilience is increasingly vulnerable. Decision-makers – from courts to legislators, business leaders to institutional investors – are re-thinking market norms and corporate cultures. Ruggie’s UN policy framework to manage business and human-rights challenges is a break-through in the CSR dialogue: it identifies – in tangible ways that can be endorsed and implemented practically – how business enterprises, as well as governments, can help prevent human rights abuses.

Ed Waitzer’s op ed was published in the Canadian Globe and Mail.