CFA Institute launches Statement of Investor Rights; News from Raj Thamotheram & Frank Jan de Graaf + an Event of Interest

Much to report as follows:

1)  The CFA Institute’s The Future of Finance initiative has launched

a Statement of Investor Rights


A number of SFM Participants are involved with this exciting venture.


2)  Latest from Raj Thamotheram in IPE (password required) on not leaving ‘S’ behind.


3)  We are excited for SFM Board Member Frank Jan de Graaf as he starts this month as Professor of Corporate Governance and Leadership at the Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (Hogeschool van Amsterdam).  Bridging the gap between leadership and finance theories is a critical objective of this chair. The role of corporate law in economic
transactions and reasoning will also get attention.


4)  Our friends at the Finance Innovation Lab have an excellent event coming up in May – details & registration link just below

Invitation to participate at a high-level workshop


Changing the Finance System to enable the Transition to a Sustainable Economy


May 14-15, 2013

The Egg, Brussels


Speakers include:

Peter Blom, Chief Executive, Triodos Bank and Chair, Global Alliance of Banking on Values

Professor Tim Jackson, University of Surrey & author of Prosperity Without Growth

Associate Professor Dirk Bezemer, Institute of New Economic Thinking & University of Groningen

Thierry Philliponnat, Executive Director – Finance Watch

Klaus Krummich, Director, Head of Academic Sponsorship, German Savings Banks

Anders Nordheim, Head of Research, EuroSIF

Nicolas Dabbaghian, President, SPEAR


Dear Colleague,


It is our pleasure to invite you for a high-level discussion, and participative workshop on using policy to change the finance system into one that can enable a transition to a sustainable economy. It is organised as part of a series of workshops on the RESPONDER project, known as multinational knowledge brokerage events.


RESPONDER is supported  by DG Research of the European Commission (for details on RESPONDER project please consult our website: The event will draw together a selected group of researchers, finance professionals, policy-makers, advocacy groups and business representatives from across the EU.


Questions we plan to explore include:

  • How is credit and investment currently distributed in the European economy?
  • What are the most important barriers to lending and investing in low carbon infrastructure and sustainable technologies?
  • How can sustainable and local banks be supported by EU and national banking reforms to become more influential in the marketplace?
  • Can EU financial regulation encourage more institutional investors to fund sustainable and long term projects?
  • How can new financial innovations, such as social finance and peer-to-peer funding be supported by policy change?


This event will be a moderated, open discussion among about 40-50 experts stimulated by several keynotes. We very much hope you are able to attend and share your knowledge and experience with the group.


Please confirm your participation by an email with attached registration form or register via


You could download the registration form as <a href="http://www.scp-responder read" onclick="_gaq.push(['_trackEvent','download','']);" target="_blank">PDF or WORD version.


The registration is open till May 6th, 2013.


If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us any time. We look forward to hear from you.


With kind regards, on behalf of the RESPONDER consortium

Chris Hewett                               Professor Tim Jackson
Fellow                                                   University of Surrey
The Finance Innovation Lab.

T> +44 7538 538 659