We at Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil) are delighted to support Sherwood Neiss’s brilliant StartupExemption.  Crowdfunding is a natural function of the internet and the broader Information Age.  As a retail investor, I am part of the exodus from Wall Street, finding smaller unlisted local companies where I can kick the tires and know the management.  We look for companies that do not ever seek to  go public, since it is like diving into shark-infested waters , very costly, and where one faces the naked short sellers and insiders, rumor-mongers and bias on Wall Street against renewable energy stocks due to their Fossilized Asset Allocation models.

In my article on by-passing Wall Street, “A Walled Garden for Capital” in STRATEGY + BUSINESS, I pointed out the many alternatives, private liquidity networks and internet trading platforms are now ready to provide alternatives.  We also encourage retail investors sick of Wall Street’s corrupt practices to visit and learn about how to find local companies that are the backbone of the US economy  and how to invest in them with their TIGRcubs (a new asset class providing access to capital for such companies and alternative investments ).  See what founder Stephen Watkins and his ex-IBMers system integrators can do!

Along with, we like Calvert Foundation Notes, RSF Community Notes and the other credit unions and CDFIs listed by  Sherwood’s CrowdFunding is another tool that can help get money back from Wall Street and offshore tax havens (see my review of TREASURE ISLANDS) to re-invigorate Main Street.

Sherwood Neiss's article is available here -

Hazel Henderson, D.Sc. FRSA, President, Ethical Markets Media (USA and Brazil)