Did investors act as enablers of the banking crisis? - NSFM workshop in Edinburgh last week. Now we'd like YOUR help!

Did investors act as enablers of the banking crisis? What should/could we do to be a bigger part of the solution?

Network for Sustainable Financial Markets fringe workshop prior to the opening of the Just Banking conference was held in Edinburgh, Thursday 19th April.

To complement the main conference, this fringe session – organised in collaboration with Just Banking and the University of Edinburgh Business School – focused on the role of institutional investors.  In particular, whether Scottish institutional investors can leverage their historical cultural strengths to act, collectively, as a force for positive change on the UK and global scene.

The session was an interactive discussion facilitated by NSFM President, Raj Thamotheram exploring whether investors act as enablers of “preventable surprises” and what they could do to be a bigger part of the solution.  One proposal – for how engagement is prioritised and organised – was presented but participants were encouraged to come with ideas about what needs to be done differently/additionally.

You can download the presentation by following the link below:

Presentation PDF »

As valued NSFMers, Raj would like to get your feedback on slides 15 and 16 which can be downloaded separately here:

Slides 15 and 16 PDF »

The specific questions are as follows:

On slide 15are these the best examples to illustrate the 6 drivers?

On slide 16are these the key mistakes to learn from?  What specific (company/director) examples best illustrate these points?  Are there any examples of investors NOT making these mistakes?  Or investors, having made these mistakes, learning and committing to doing things differently?

Please send your comments to rthamotheram[at]gmail.com or participate in the LinkedIn discussion within the NSFM group.

Thanks for your help!!