On fiduciaries and medieval knights, and a call for papers from the Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment

NSFM Director, Keith Johnson was quoted in an article that offers an unique take on fiduciary duty. In Minding the Chastity Belts: Fiduciary Duties and 900 Pound Lemmings, Tim Richards outlines what today's fiduciaries could learn from medieval knights. Worth a read!


The Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment, edited by NSFM participant Matthew Haigh, is calling for papers. Launched in 2011, the journal provides space for a broad debate on the meanings of investment and sustainability and how these might be played out in the financial markets.

The journal is seeking contributions for a special edition of 'Crazy Ideas'. For more information follow this link, and a brief summary follows below:

"The simple idea behind this special issue of the  Journal of Sustainable Finance and Investment is to open up a very small space where some truly radical thinking about finance and investment in general and sustainable finance and investment specifically  might find an outlet."

The deadline for submission is 31 January, 2013. Here's the link for instructions on how to submit.