Hazel Henderson comments on FTT

  1. I am for a global financial transactions tax.
  2. The need to downsize the global bubble of financialization and tame this global casino ( as I have written for decades ! )  Today, HFT is another compelling reason.
  3. Specious arguments about  the supposed “difficulty” of  collection.  Nonsense , as we point out , can be done electronically, many countries already impose such taxes , e.g. UK’s stamp tax , etc.   Also, the absurd arguments about reducing liquidity !  We all know that today , there is only “ faux liquidity” which disappears  when needed.
  4. The most important reform , together with a global FTT , is re-introducing the separation of retail deposit banking from all other forms  , proprietary trading, i.e. an updated Glass-Steagall.  UK’s “ ring-fencing” is a start.

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