Network for Sustainable Financial Markets Elects Stephen Viederman as President

On August 20, the board of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets elected Mr Stephen Viederman as its new President. Stephen is well known for his work around fiduciary duty, active share ownership, as well as economic and environmental justice. (Some of you may also know his son Dan who is a recognized global champion for justice for exploited workers through his work with the US State Department and Verite)

SFM’s new office holders are as follows:

Stephen Viederman, President
Gordon Noble, Vice President
Cary Krosinsky, Secretary
Gabriel Thoumi, Treasurer

Angelo Calvello and Daniela Carosio remain as fellow Board members

SFM would like to acknowledge the work of Helen Wildsmith and Sean Kidney who have resigned from their board positions, and we appreciate how busy they have been. Helen Wildsmith was our previous chair while Sean Kidney was a board member and longstanding champion of the Network. We remain committed at the Network to continue working with Sean and his activities that seek to promote more sustainable financial markets, and we are very happy to have helped incubate his Climate Bonds Initiative.

Over the coming period, the Network is seeking to further fine tune its strategy to deliver on its objective to foster long-term investing and sustainable financial practices,,and we have some exciting plans for 2016 already underway. We also would welcome your ideas for the future development of the Network. If you are interested in becoming more involved in the Network, please contact Cary Krosinsky at