New report from Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management: "The Crisis and Economic Responsibility"

The OVFA (Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management), of which NSFM participant Fritz Mostboeck is President, has published a new report: "The Crisis and Economic Responsibility".

'Every crisis - be it financial or economic, a crisis of confidence or the debt crisis - demands a comprehensive and responsible approach.

  • We live in a global debt crisis
  • Quantitative easing is not showing us a way out of the crisis
  • Rating agencies - yes, but changes are necessary
  • Japan and Germany: suddenly nuclear power is no longer indispensable
  • The future must be founded on innovation and reduction
  • The 50 specific approaches listed in "Economic Responsibility 3.0" (June 2011) are still valid

To regain confidence, you cannot "stick your head in the sand" and act as if nothing happened. What's needed are new, progressive requirements for future financial market regulations.'

Read the full report.