Next SFM/SIPC Webinar - April 17 - Margaret Heffernan w/ Raj Thamotheram on Willful Blindness in the Financial System - Ways Forward

Margaret Heffernan, best known as the author of Willful Blindness, writes and lectures on the causes of corporate failure: the inability of companies to take full advantage of the intelligence they hire, human susceptibility to bias and blindspots and the structural problems of power. She blogs for the Huffington Post, CBSMoneywatch and and her fourth book, on Winning at All Costs, is due out at the beginning of  2014.


Raj Thamotheram is President of SFM. He has worked for nearly 15 years in the investment world, first for a large pension fund, then as a large investment manager and now his own consultancy. He has developed specialist responsible investment funds and helped to catalyse the mainstreaming of Responsible Investment at the organization level. Raj has also helped launch the Institutional Investor Group for Climate Change and the first fund in Europe focused on human capital management as a source of alpha.


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Webinar Date: Wednesday, April 17th
Time: 11-11:45am EDT


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