NSFM participants in action: Avinash Persaud on Financial Transaction Taxes; Hazel Henderson's 'Green Transition Scoreboard'; Sean Kidney and Climate Bonds on camera!

A new report launched last week by former senior banker and NSFM participant Avinash Persaud challenges the arguments used by some of his peers and the government to oppose a Financial Transaction Tax (FTT).

Professor Persaud, who was previously head of Currency and Commodity Research at JPMorgan & Co says: "What draws me to this subject is not the 'bashing bankers' party, but the disproportionate, inconsistent and disingenuous arguments used by my fellow bankers against this proposal."

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NSFM participant Hazel Henderson's Ethical Markets have published the Green Transition Scoreboard 2012, a time-based, global tracking of the private financial system for all sectors investing in green markets.

In Q3 2011, the Green Transition Scoreboard totaled private investments in green sectors since 2007 worldwide at $2.4trillion. This update has found investments totalling more than $3.3trillion in the green economy since 2007, with Asia, Europe and Latin America catching up with USA.


And finally, NSFM Director, Sean Kidney was recently  at the NYC Bloomberg New Energy Finance Summit pitching the Climate Bonds Initiative.

Watch him in action here.