NSFM participants in action: Frank Partnoy on the benefits of 1930s style financial regulation; Will Oulton's edits a new book on investing in a low-carbon world; Raj Thomotheram and Maxime Le Floc'h on 'preventable surprises'

Rebuild the pillars of 1930s Wall Street - banks should be forced to disclose important financial information and there should be a robust anti-fraud regime, writes NSFM participant Frank Partnoy in an article in the Financial Times.


Will Oulton, Head of Responsible Investment EMEA, Mercer, and NSFM participant has edited Investment Opportunities for a Low-Carbon World - 2nd Edition. The book has been extensively updated since the first edition and includes sections on the major technologies involved in delivering clean energy and energy efficiency improvements, and the various investment vehicles that investors can use to gain exposure to low-carbon assets.


Raj Thomotheram and Maxime Le Floc'h have published in the Spring 2012 Rotman International Journal of Pension Management their paper: The BP Crisis as a “Preventable Surprise”: Lessons for Institutional Investors.

The article shows what investors can learn from BP’s Gulf of Mexico spill by identifying six causative drivers, and shows why these events are "preventable surprises". The authors describe how 'investors could choose to be enablers of sustainable capitalism rather than of the dysfunctional markets experienced today.'