NSFM Participants in Action, plus a Call for Papers: Banks, Markets and Financial Innovation

NSFM participant, Robert Eccles and George Serafeim, both of Harvard Business School, penned an article for Bloomberg entitled  “Companies and Investors Should See More of Each Other”. The piece discusses the need for companies and investors to communicate better with each other about their respective sustainability strategies.


In online journal Blue&Green Tomorrow our very own NSFM Director, Raj Thamotheram was interviewed on the notion of "investing as if the long-term matters", and how sustainable investment holds the key to prosperity.


Call for papers: Banks, Markets and Financial Innovation: Efficiency, Systemic Risks and the Role of Regulation

CONSOB and Bocconi University are organizing a conference on intermediaries, operational and allocative efficiency of markets and financial innovation and their implications for the regulation of securities markets.

The conference will focus on the following issues:
- intermediaries specialization and prudential regulation;
- banks, financial markets and taxation;
- shadow banking system;
- trends and development of asset management;
- market microstructure, trading strategies and their effects on efficiency;
- derivatives markets, counterparty and systemic risks;
- the choice of going public;
- costs and benefits of financial innovation;
- financial innovation and financial education.