NSFM participants in action: Raj Thamotheram and John Fullerton on the biggest mistakes of the financial crisis; Jeremy Leggett on the challenges of being a cleantech entrepreneur; Iveta Cherneva edits new book

NSFM participants Raj Thamotheram and John Fullerton outline what they believe are the ten biggest mistakes by investors on the financial crisis. In their blog post,Global Financial Crisis: how many wake-up calls do we need? for Responsible Investor they ask what have we learnt and what are we now doing?


Jeremy Leggett spoke at the Breakthrough Capitalism Forum in London on 'The Challenges of Driving Disruptive Innovation in the Teeth of Opposition from Nuclear and Fossil Fuel Incumbents'.  He gives an honest, personal appraisal of modern capitalism drawing on a dozen years experience as an entrepreneur in cleantech. Watch the video here.


Investors see corporate policy on environmental and social issues as an actual predictor of a company’s quality of management, reveals the book The Business Case for Sustainable Finance, edited by Iveta Chernevalaunched in Sofia, Bulgaria last week.

The volume brings together finance industry perspectives from top global institutions, which focus on the bottom line for integrating environmental, social and governance factors into the operations of the finance industry. Executives and senior practitioners answer the question: 'does following sustainable finance principles make commercial sense for a commercially-oriented financial institution, and if so, what evidence is there?' '

Read the full press release here.