NSFM Wealth Management Industry report provides blueprint for reform

The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (NSFM) has today released “Wealth Management in a Post-GFC World - Promoting best practice, innovation & sustainable outcomes for industry, consumers & society”.

Download the report here.

The landmark report provides a blueprint for addressing market scandals and structural failings which continue to plague the multi-trillion dollar global wealth management industry.

The report is an initiative of NSFM’s global wealth management group, chaired by Greg Chipman (Managing Director, CJC Global) and Matt Christensen (Executive Director, EuroSIF). It considers 15 key policy, regulatory and industry reforms necessary to promote international best practice and sustainable industry growth in a post-GFC world. The report is being released to key stakeholders including policymakers, regulators and industry participants.

On launch, Mr Chipman and Mr Christensen said:

“This is a period of great upheaval and reflection in the global wealth management industry. The level of scrutiny by consumers, government, regulators and media in Asia Pacific, North America, EMEA and other markets is unprecedented. Whilst challenging, current industry reviews and forums considering the re-design of global financial services architecture provide the perfect opportunity to develop coordinated responses to age-old problems. New best practice approaches must be embraced to support global industry growth, quality outcomes for consumers, more effective regulation and broader sustainability imperatives. The report’s recommendations advance these critical outcomes.”

For further information contact the NSFM Wealth Management Industry working group co-chairs:

Greg Chipman (greg.chipman@cjcglobaladvisors.com) Matt Christensen (mattc@eurosif.org)