Pension Fund Governance Best Practices Cite Keith Johnson and Frank Jan de Graaf; NSFM Participant Event on the Role of Household Savings and Debt in a Sustainable Economy

The National Conference on Public Employee Retirement Systems (NCPERS) has released its governance best practices for public pension fund officials, citing Keith Johnson and Frank Jan de Graaf's 2009 paper: Modernizing Pension Fund Legal Standards for the Twenty-First Century

With more than 550 US and Canadian public pension fund members managing $3 trillion in assets, the NCPERS is influential and far reaching. The best practices include establishing fiduciary training and risk assessment initiatives across administrative, member services and client functions.

Download the Best Practices here »


May 24th and 25th, London, UK – an invitation from NSFM Participant, Chris Hewett to The Role of Household Savings and Debt in a Sustainable Economy. 

Over a day and a half the event will share learning and generate discussion about the role that household finances, and the balance between debt, savings and consumption, plays in the wider economy and how policy shapes this. This is to help develop a deeper understanding of the impact of different uses of consumer credit and saving behaviours on the development of a sustainable economy capable of operating within ecological limits.

You can register for the event through Eventbrite, following this link.