Plenty of opportunities for the bond market to tackle climate change - NSFM's Sean Kidney in the FTfm

NSFM Director Sean Kidney and the Climate Bonds Initiative were featured in a recent FTfm article: Bond markets have a role to play in helping the environment. 

In an interview with Mike Scott, Sean said that as the bond market is almost twice the size of the equity market, much of the funding for climate solutions should come from this source. At the moment there are few opportunities for the bond market to invest in renewables, and, to tackle climate change head on, this needs to change.

“If you have a choice between two bonds with the same yield, why would you not buy the one that helps to tackle climate change?” he argues.

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About Climate Bonds Initiative:

The Climate Bonds Initiative addresses the challenge of mobilising institutional investment for a rapid and global shift to a low-carbon economy. The initiative was started n 2009 with an NSFM discussion paper and is now operating as an investor-focused not-for-profit organisation, led by NSFM participants Sean Kidney and Nick Silver. A major milestone has been the launch of a prototype Climate Bond Standard to certify the low carbon claims of green bonds for wind energy development, supported by the World Bank, OECD and national governments.