Report on Economic Responsibility 3.0

"Economic Responsibility 3.0"
An Update on General ESG Responsibility

The financial, economic, and debt crisis, the nuclear catastrophe in Japan, and the crisis in the Arab region highlight the fact that we need to demand comprehensive global ESG responsibility. We cannot carry on like this.

*       The global economy has to be aligned with the ESG criteria - not the least as a result of the crises,
  *    50 specific updated approaches to improvement,
  *    Economic actions have to be adjusted and/or reformed.

Responsibility and crises - measures and ideas geared towards avoiding financial, economic, confidence, social, and ecological crises in the future.

Please see the PDF-report attached.
Author of the report is Fritz Mostboeck, Vice-Chairman of OVFA (Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management) and Member of the Executive Management Committee of EFFAS (The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies), the umbrella organisation of all European analyst associations with a total of more than 16,000 members in Europe. Fritz Mostboeck was watching the crisis over the past years very carefully. The current global environment (catastrophe in Japan, crisis in the Arab region, commodity prices) required an update on the basis of the 1st and the 2nd OVFA Publication on Responsibility (November 2004 and June 2010).

The last report from June 2010 was published on:
(1.) (Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management),
(2.) (Society of Investment Professionals in Germany),
(3.) (The European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies),
(4.) (EFFAS Commission on ESG),
(5.) (International Network for Sustainable Financial Markets),
(6.) (The Association of Certified International Investment Analysts®),
(7.) (The Corporate Social Responsibility Newswire),
(8.) (Austrian Business Council for Sustainable Development) und
(9.) (Hong Kong Securities Institute),
(10.) (Platform for Leaders of Responsibility & Accountability).
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Office of the OVFA
Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (OVFA)