Save the date for NSFM Roundtables with Keith Johnson; plus NSFM participants Ed Waitzer on inequality and Matthew Kiernan on Davos 2012

 *Save the date*

Reclaiming Fiduciary Balance for the 21st Century - NSFM Roundtables with Keith Johnson for Asset Owners and their Advisors

London: 19 March 2012 from 9.30am

Amsterdam: 23 March 2012 from 12.30pm

Boston: 30 March 2012 time to be confimed

The Fiduciary Duty Working Group of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (NSFM), co-sponsored by the Rotman International Centre for Pension Management at the University of Toronto, invites you to a roundtable which will identify practical steps that pension fund trustees and their advisors can implement to better integrate their fiduciary duties into pension fund investment and risk management.

The event will be chaired by NSFM Director Keith Johnson, fiduciary duty expert and advisor to CalPERS, the largest US pension fund.

For further details please follow this link.


The next generation gap: equity and fairness - NSFM Director, Ed Waitzer reports on finding new models to collaboratively address the challenges of inequality.

In the not-too-distant future, we will look back at existing governance frameworks (public as well as private) and think of them as having been, at best, quaint. How did we allow privatized returns to become so untethered from socialized risks? How did we allow the severe imbalances that are likely to preoccupy policy-makers for coming generations? Most agree that we need to find new models to collaboratively address these challenges at a global level. What emerges must focus on addressing inequalities, including those between current and future generations.


The View from Davos 2012 

NSFM Participant Matthew Kiernan laments the fact that despite the official theme of this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos - The Great Transformation - there was actually precious little transformational rhetoric (much less concrete calls for action) to be had in the official sessions.

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It's time for change across the board - Pauline Skypala talks in FTfm about the people who are pushing for change, and making a difference in financial services. NSFM gets a mention.