So where do YOU stand on the FTT?

The argument for and against the Financial Transaction Tax (FTT) is gathering pace within the NSFM community too! reported that Howard Sherman amongst others spoke against it in a panel debate:

Whilst John Fullerton and Avinash Persaud have argued for it, with some caveats:

So here’s your chance to tell us all what you think.  It’s easy to do.  Just use the form below to answer 4 questions:

  1. In the final analysis are you for or are you against?  No abstentions!
  2. What argument most swings the debate for you?
  3. If you support the FTT, what is the argument against it that most worries you?
  4. Or if you are against the FTT, what is the most important reform of the financial sector that you want to see?

If you want to join this debate but prefer to do so anonymously, please send your comment to Raj Thamotheram .