UNEP Inquiry Launches Its Final Report

The UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System launched its final report "The Financial System We Need" today. The UNEP Inquiry has been co-led by SFM Participant Nick Robins and contributed to by many other SFM Participants, and has explored how changes in financial system design can bring the environment more effectively into financial decision-making.

Its insights have been informed by an international Advisory Council as well as insights from practical country experience and extensive engagement and research reflected in what is now over fifty research papers.

The Inquiry's three key messages are that:

  • Financing for sustainable development can be delivered through action within the financial system, as well as in the real economy
  • Policy innovation from developing and developed countries demonstrate how the financial system can be better aligned with sustainable development
  • Systematic national action can now be taken to shape a sustainable financial system, complemented by international cooperation