Upcoming SFM/SIPC Webinars - Resource Constraints w/ Nick Silver - April 4, The Future of Banking w/ Margaret Heffernan - April 17

Continuing our exciting Webinar Series, we have two to announce

April 4 - On Resource Constraints w/ SFM Board Member Nick Silver

Nick Silver recently co-authored the study “Resource Constraints: Sharing a Finite World. Implications of Limits to Growth for the Actuarial Profession”. In this webinar Nick will present the major findings of the report. He will discuss whether the global economy is facing resource constraints, if it is what effects this might have on financial markets, and in particular what this would mean for economic growth. He will then discuss some of the implications for institutional investment and the impact on a savings vehicle such as a pension fund.
Reports can be found here:
Nick Silver is an actuary and economist whose specialties include climate change policy, social insurance and development. Nick is a director of Callund Consulting Limited, a boutique consultancy which advises developing country governments on social insurance. He has also worked extensively in developing financial mechanisms, such as insurance, to deal with both mitigation and adaptation to climate change.
Nick is a founder and director of the Climate Bonds Initiative (CBI), which is working with governments and MLIs to develop policies that will facilitate institutional investment at scale in the low carbon economy. He is coordinating the Local Authority Energy Efficiency Partnership (LEEP) which is working with municipalities to bring in large scale investment into domestic energy efficiency. He is also part of the UK Government's Capital Markets Climate Initiative which aims to drive large scale investment into climate change mitigation and adaptation.
Nick has been widely quoted in the national media, with recent appearances on Sky News, BBC Radio 5 live and BBC News 24 and two separate papers have been cited in parliamentary debates.

Webinar Date: Thursday, April 4th EDT

Time: 11-11:45am EDT

To register: https://www3.gotomeeting.com/register/650813534


April 17 - The Future of Banking w/ Margaret Heffernan

details to follow