Welcome to the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets website

The Network for Sustainable Financial Markets is an international, non-partisan network of finance sector professionals, academics and others who have an active interest in long-term investing.

Network participants are committed to creating a strong voice for a neutral and interdisciplinary, evidence-based approach to financial market reform.

“But it is equally compelling that a demonstrably fragile financial system that has produced unimaginable wealth for some, while repeatedly risking a cascading breakdown of the system as a whole, needs repair and reform.”
Paul A. Volcker, Speech to the Economic Club of New York, April 8, 2008

This Network (and website) are in development, but the ideas behind it have been distilled through years of financial market and academic experience, observation and thought. We invite you to read the Principles that are the guiding spirit for the Network, to read the reports of our working groups and those of other organizations and government entities thinking about how to create market stability and a more sustainable future. If you would like to participate in our work, please contact us. We look forward to taking our ideas, and yours, into the coming debates.

You can stay in touch by subscribing to our RSS feed or by email (on the side bar or by this link).

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