Board Statement to NSFM Participants

Reflecting the ongoing evolution of responsible investment and sustainable finance practices since the establishment of NSFM almost a decade ago, the board has decided to focus future efforts on supporting the next generation of students and professionals in order to maximize their impact to achieve sustainable financial markets. During their working careers, students and young professionals – the next generation – will be at the forefront of change. They will witness an industry in transition, as responsible investment practices are imbedded into mainstream investment practices, and through new ideas and innovations will have the opportunity to influence the shape of the global investment industry.


The board has agreed to a number of substantive changes:

  • NSFM Working Groups will cease to operate. Consideration is being given to the development of an online collaboration platform, which existing NSFM Working Groups could transition to.
  • NSFM will continue to maintain ListServ which will provide NSFM Participants with the opportunity to network with each other. Participants may use the ListServ to collaborate around initiatives including engagements, however NSFM will no longer coordinate or endorse advocacy letters.
  • The board will consider targeted interventions that have the objective of building critical thinking skills, creating learning opportunities and supporting career development of young professionals and students.
  • The board has established a number of internal sub-committees to improve organisation governance and decision making capacity. The board will be actively searching for new directors in 2018.


The board officers for 2018 will be:

President                                            Martina Macpherson

Vice President                                   Cary Krosinsky

Secretary                                             Gordon Noble

Treasurer                                            Gabriel Thoumi


NSFM board members are:

Martina Macpherson

Cary Krosinsky 

Gabriel Thoumi

Gordon Noble

Daniela Carosio                

Angelo Calvello

Stephen Viederman


We look forward to working with you all as NSFM enters a new chapter in its development.