Network for Sustainable Financial Markets Elects Stephen Viederman as President

On August 20, the board of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets elected Mr Stephen Viederman as its new President. Stephen is well known for his work around fiduciary duty, active share ownership, as well as economic and environmental justice. (Some of you may also know his son Dan who is a recognized global champion for justice for exploited workers through his work with the US State Department and Verite)

SFM’s new office holders are as follows:

SFM Participant Frank Jan de Graaf on the SFM/VBDO Amsterdam meeting

Five positive outcomes of SFM/VBDO Amsterdam meeting on leadership, 18 March 2015

by Frank Jan de Graaf

Within the investment world, very few people talk about the role of their personal motives and values in their work. The objectives of financial sector firms seem to be dominant. This workshop was organised to consider personal motives and how it influences our work losartan pill. How are personal values related to our workplace priorities.

Final Response to Japan’s Corporate Governance Code consultation

From Japan Working Group & specific supporting individuals of the Network for Sustainable Financial Markets – hearty thanks to Nicholas Benes, Julie Gorte and Simon Wong for spearheading this effort and to all of you who contributed your thoughts & considerations. Our letter can be found here: Final SFM Response to the Japan Corporate Governance Code

Rescheduled Webinar ‘The Tomorrow’s Capital Markets Project: Reviewing the incentives of financial markets to promote L/T sustainable value’

We rescheduled this webinar to Thursday February 12 at 17:00 GMT (18:00 CET/12.00 ET)If you would like to join the webinar, please let us know by emailing to