Registration Now Open for Webinar 'The Tomorrow's Capital Markets Project: Reviewing the incentives of financial markets to promote L/T sustainable value'

Tomorrow's Capital Markets focusses on how to ensure finance flows to productive investment opportunities which will secure value over the short, medium and long-term.  The project looks at the system as a whole and the importance of the behaviours of key participants, with a particular focus on incentives in each key part of the system, the framework conditions which shape how the system works and what is needed to realise particular opportunities such as energy, food and water.


Network for Sustainable Financial Markets (SFM、持続可能な金融市場ネットワーク)は日本ワーキンググループを結成しました。


SFM Meeting in Montreal - Tuesday 530pm ET

Hello Bonjour All - for those up in Montreal for the upcoming PRI Week, our SFM Gathering will now be taking place on the Tuesday at 530pm ET in the Longeuil room of the Hilton hotel where the conference is being held

We are hoping to both introduce interested attendees to our Network and its purpose, as well as discuss how to best advance new Working Groups including on Education and the UNEP Inquiry