How can we benchmark regulators?

Given the inherent risks of downward spirals in regulatory competence - not least the way financial sector firms can "rent" politicalinfluence -  how can we design the system to prevent the race to the bottom and regulatory arbitrage?

Clearly, we need somecreative thinking here, not least because those who are being evaluated are unlikely to welcome the ranking!

Is there an alternative to "Business as Usual" in financial markets?

We've noticed a few surveys recently that are looking at attitudes to the financial crisis from within the industry (see Norton Rose), Greenwich did a survey about the Tobin tax,1637,1862,00.html?vgnvisitor=eKOZmqOJnJw=)A group of us in the NSFM (Hu

Two NSFM participants are members of the SEC’s newly created Investor Advisory Committee (IAC)

Adam Kanzer from Domini Social Investments and Stephen Davis from the Millstein Center at the Yale School of Management. The IAC is undertaking consideration of further expanding required environmental, social and governance disclosure under the leadership of the IAC’s Investors as Owners Subcommittee, which Stephen Davis Chairs.