NSFM's Report on Activities - 2009

As 2009 draws to a close, the NSFM Coordinating Team is pleased to report on NSFM's activities since its inception in April of 2008.  It is clear that there is much work to be done and reform necessary if we're to improve the sustainability of our global financial markets, so essential for the achievement and distribution of long-term prosperity.

Defeating Short-Terminism, Why Pension Funds Must Lead

NSFM participant, Ed Waitzer, has published "Defeating Short-Termism, Why Pension Funds Must Lead," in the Fall 2009 Issue of the Rotman International Journal of Pension Management.  He argues that one of the lessons from the recent market crisis is the interconnected nature of the challenges we face, and that we can no longer afford myopic responses.

Overcoming Short-Termism

The Aspen Institute Business and Society Program published a new report on Overcoming Short-Termism yesterday.  It asks a fundamental question: How can the systemic influences towards short-termism among corporate managers, boards, investment advisers, providers of capital and government regulation be overcome?  This Report puts forward suggestions for new public policies in three areas: market incentives, to encourage more patient capital; fiduciary duty, to better align the interests of financial intermediaries and their investors; and transparency to str