Welcome to our new SFM Listserv + congratulations Kazutaka Kuroda

We welcome, with excitement, our SFM Participants to make use, going forward, of our free, just established SFM Listserv.

SFM Participants already signed up to our Network will have received a welcoming message from our new Social Media Director, Kazutaka Kuroda, in this regard. With thanks to Kazutaka, and congratulations again to him for taking on this role with us.

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Next SFM/SIPC Webinar - April 17 - Margaret Heffernan w/ Raj Thamotheram on Willful Blindness in the Financial System - Ways Forward

Margaret Heffernan, best known as the author of Willful Blindness, writes and lectures on the causes of corporate failure: the inability of companies to take full advantage of the intelligence they hire, human susceptibility to bias and blindspots and the structural problems of power.

CFA Institute launches Statement of Investor Rights; News from Raj Thamotheram & Frank Jan de Graaf + an Event of Interest

Much to report as follows:

1)  The CFA Institute’s The Future of Finance initiative has launched

a Statement of Investor Rights http://www.cfainstitute.org/learning/future/about/Pages/statement_of_investor_rights.aspx


A number of SFM Participants are involved with this exciting venture.


NSFM White Paper Series - The State of Ownership 2013

A recent report suggested that US$13.6T is invested globally with sustainability in mind.

However, when parsing this number out, a much smaller percentage of portfolios are managed specifically in this regard, closer to US$1.5T in total.

Download our White Paper for more insights on what really is or isn't happening within the world of sustainability & investing.

Brussels proposes €30bn Financial Transaction Tax

Last week the European Commission announced plans for a levy on financial transactions.

In an FT article:

'Algirdas Semeta, the EU tax commissioner, hailed an initiative that was “unquestionably fair, technically sound and legally robust”. His proposal paves the way for France, Germany and nine other euro area countries to launch negotiations on the exact terms of the tax, which diplomats expect to be significantly scaled back before it is introduced.'