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Robert Adamson, Executive Director, CIBC, Center for Corporate Governance and Risk Management, Canada

Jane Ambachtsheer, Partner & Global Head of Responsible Investments, Mercer Investments, Toronto, Canada

Keith Ambachtsheer, Director, Rotman International Centre for Pension Management, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto, Canada

Dan Apfel, Senior Associate, Croatan Institute, New York, USA

Melsa Ararat, Director of Corporate Governance Forum of Turkey and a member of the Faculty of Management at Sabancı University, Turkey

Simon Archer, Lawyer, Goldblatt Partners LLP, Canada

Eduardo Atehotua, Sustainability Manager, Deloitte, Columbia

Alexander BarkawiFounder, Council on Economic Policies

Alexander Bassen, Professor of capital markets and management, University of Hamburg, Germany

Bill Baue, Corporate Sustainability Architect, USA

Rob Bauer, Professor of the research institute ECCE, the Netherlands

Tom Baumann, International Chair ISO Climate Change Standards (TC207/SC7), Co-Founder GHG Management Institute, and Co-Founder ClimateCHECK | Interactive Leader, Canada

Katharina Beck, Consultant, Accenture, Germany

Nicholas Benes, Head, The Board Director Training Institute (BDTI), Japan

Adrian Berendt, CFO,COO Glitnir Bank in London, United Kingdom

Filippa Bergin, Founder, Invest in Change, Sweden

Judson Berkey, Founding Member, Slow Money, Switzerland

Aaron Bernstein, Editor, Global Proxy Watch, USA.

Pablo Berrutti, Head of Responsible Investment (Asia Pacific), Colonial First State Global Asset Management, Sydney, Australia

Christine Berry, Former Policy Officer, ShareAction, United Kingdom

Mark Bershatsky, Independent Consultant, USA

Oliver Bettis, Pricing Actuary, United Kingdom

Christophe Biehl, PhD Candidate, Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Anric Blatt, Board member of the Federal Enforcement Homeland Security Foundation, USA

Juan-Pablo Bórquez, Principal, BORQUEZYUNGE, Santiago, Chile.

Bridget Boulle, Former Senior researcher, Pensions Investment Research Consultants (PIRC).

Megan Bowman, Research Fellow, Centre for Law, Markets & Regulation, Faculty of Law, University of New South Wales (Sydney, Australia).

Dragomir Boyadzhiev, Managing Partner at Copula Capital Advisors OOD and CEO at the Bulgarian Investment Managers Association, Bulgaria

Carolyn Kay Brancato, CEO of the Consulting Company the Riverside Group, United Kingdom

Jorund Buen, Co-Founder of Differ, Norway

Paul Bugala, Senior Sustainability Analyst, Extractive Industries, Calvert Investments, USA

Jeremy Burke, Director, Strategy, UK Green Investment Bank, United Kingdom

Katherine Burstein, Former Associate, Mercer's Responsible Investment Team, USA

Ann Byrne, Former CEO of the Australian Council of Superannuation Investors (ACSI), Australia

Ronald A. Calderon, Founder, Ekologica, USA

Angelo Calvello, Founder of Environmental Alpha and consultant for climate change risk management, USA

Mark Campanale, Founder and Executive Director, the Carbon Tracker Initiative, Founder, The Social Stock Exchange, United Kingdom

Rosella Care, Post Doctoral Research Fellow, University Magna Graecia of Catanzaro, Italy

Daniela Carosio, Independent Financial Analyst of Italian companies, Italy

Leandro Carrera, Research officer, London School of Economic's Public Policy Group , United Kingdom

Tomas Carruthers, Chief Executive, Social Stock Exchange (SSX), United Kingdom

Olivier Cassaro, Programme Director, Preventable Surprises, United Kingdom

Peter Chapman, Shareholder Association for Research Education, Canada

Alice Chapple, Director, ImpactValue, United Kingdom

Hugues Chenet, Science Director, 2¬∞ Investing Initiative, Paris, France

Iveta Cherneva, Editor of The Business Case for Sustainable Finance, Bulgaria

Anthony Cheung, Managing Director, Hamon Asset Management, Hong Kong

Greg Chipman, Managing Director and Co-Founder of CJC Global – a specialist advisory firm servicing key stakeholders in global wealth management markets, Australia

Matt Christensen, Global Head of Responsible Investment, AXA Investment Managers, United Kingdom

Cecile Churet, Sustainability Investing Client Specialist, RobecoSAM, Switzerland

Gordon Clark, Halford Mackinder Professor of Geography, Director, Oxford University Centre for the Environment, United Kingdom

Andrew Clearfield, Consultant to Institutional Investors Investment Initiatives, USA

Sarah Cleveland, CEO, Sarah Cleveland Consulting, USA

Jim Coburn, Senior Manager, Investor Programs, Ceres, USA

Dean Cooper, Managing Director, Quintal Partners, Hong Kong

James Corah, Deputy Head of Ethical and Responsible Investment, CCLA Investment Management, City of London, United Kingdom

Peter Cruickshank, Research Analyst, UNEP, United Kingdom

Gary Cundill, International Executive Doctorate (DBA) Researcher, Cranfield School of Management, United Kingdom.

William Michael Cunningham, Social Investing Adviser, USA

Frank Curtiss, Head of Corporate Governance, RAILPEN Investments, UK and a director of ICGN, the International Corporate Governance Network

Rebecca Darr, Senior Fellow at The Aspen Institute Business & Society Program, Maine, USA

Christopher P. Davis, Director of the Investor Program, Ceres, USA

Ronald B. Davis, Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at the University of British Columbia. Canada

Stephen Davis, Associate Director & Senior Fellow, Program on Corporate Governance & Institutional Investors, Harvard Law School, USA

Will Dawson, Principal Sustainability Advisor, Forum for the Future, United Kingdom

Damiano de Felice, Deputy Director for Strategy, Access to Medicine Foundation, the Netherlands

Frank Jan de Graaf, Academic and responsible investment specialist,  the Netherlands

Peter de Graaf, Public Policy Advisor, United Kingdom

Ron den BraberLead Senior Consultant, Mindwell, the Netherlands

Jean-Philippe Desmartin, independent consultant, France

Paul Dickinson, Chief Executive Carbon Disclosure Project, United Kingdom

Dominique Diouf, Teacher and Responsible Investment Project Researcher, Ottawa, Canada

Matthew Donnery, Senior Consultant, PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP, United Kingdom

Bruce Duguid, Engagement Manager, Hermes Equity Ownership Services, United Kingdom

Stan Dupre, Executive Director, 2¬∞ Investing Initiative, Paris, France

Robert Eccles, Professor, Harvard Business School, USA

Ben Edwards, Research Intern, Rathbone Greenbank Investments, UK

Eugene Ellmen, National Director for Oikocredit Canada, Canada

Paul Emerton, Head of UK Stewardship & Governance, Old Mutual Global Investors, United Kingdom

Tom Faust, Managing Director, and CEO, Redwood Renewables, California, USA

Andreas Feiner, Founding Partner and Head of Values Based Research and Advisory, Arabesque Asset Management, Germany

Stephen Feneley, Journalist and media consultant, Australia

Bjorn Fischer, Founder, EcoKraft, Maryland, USA

Simon Fischweicher, Analyst Intern, Governance & Accountability Institute, USA

Philippe Flamand, Investment advisor to renewable energy private equity fund and Non-Executive Director, ET Index, Switzerland

Sean Flannery, Director, Sustainable Investment Strategies, Meister Consultants Group and IFOK GmbH

Jean-Benoit Fournier, Sustainable Development Coordinator and Project Manager, WSP Canada

Ralf Frank, Managing Director of DVFA, the Society of Investment Professionals, Germany

Yoshihiro Fujii, Professor, Sophia University, Japan

John Fullerton, Founder and President, Capital Institute, USA

Peter Fusaro, Chairman, Global Change Associates, New York, USA

Margherita Gagliardi, Communications Officer, Carbon Tracker Initiative, United Kingdom

Amy Galland, Independent Consultant, USA

Tim Gieseke, Founder and President, Ag Resource Strategies, USA

Sam Gill, Chief Executive Officer, ET Index, United Kingdom

Murray Gold, Pension fund lawyer, Canada

Eban Goodstein, Director, Bard Center for Environmental Policy, USA

Julie Gorte, SVP for Sustainable Investing, Pax World Management, USA

Vijaya Govindan, Executive Director, AQR Asset Management Institute, London Business School, United Kingdom

Barbara Gray, Equity Analyst, Brady Capital Research, Canada

Jack Gray, Paul Wooley Centre for Capital Market Dysfunctionality, University of Technology, Sydney, Australia

Andreas Grimminger, Founder and Managing Director, PGS Advisors International, New York, USA

Danyelle Guyatt, Academic and responsible investment consultant, United Kingdom

Stirling Habbitts, Director, Infrastructure & Power Project Finance, UniCredit Bank, United Kingdom

Matthew Haigh, SOAS, University of London, United Kingdom

Jayn Harding, Principal Advisor, FTSE Group, United Kingdom

Kate Harper, Financial adviser at Johnson, United Kingdom

Michael Harper, President, TalentGenesis, USA

Jonathan Harris, Director, ET Index, United Kingdom

Bill Hartnett, Head of Sustainability, Local Government Super, Sydney, Australia

Aida Hassar, Student, Concordia University, Canada

Tanja Havemann, Director, Clarmondial, Switzerland

Jim Hawley, Professor at the School of Economics and Business Administration Saint Mary's College, and Chief ESG Strategist, TruValue Labs, San Francisco, CA, USA

Jonathan Hayward, Founder and Partner, Independent Audit Ltd., United Kingdom

Toby Heaps, CEO and co-founder, Corporate Knights, Toronto, Canada

Margaret Heffernan, Author, United Kingdom

Hazel Henderson, President and Founder, Ethical Markets Media. USA and Brazil

Abigail Herron, Head of Responsible Investment Engagement, Aviva Investors, United Kingdom

Chris Hewett, Independent Environmental Policy Consultant, United Kingdom

Gerritt Heyns, Partner, Osmosis Investment Management LLP, United Kingdom

Will Hinckley, Executive Director, Prosper Social Finance, United Kingdom

Kathy Hipple, CEO and founder, Noosphere Marketing, USA

Charlie Hodges, Analyst at Augusta & Coin, London, United Kingdom

Andreas Hoepner, Associate Professor of Finance at the ICMA Centre of Henley Business School, United Kingdom

Simon Howard, Chief Executive, UKSIF, United Kingdom

Emma Howard Boyd, Former Director, Jupiter Asset Management, United Kingdom

Catherine Howarth, CEO, ShareAction, United Kingdom

Sara Hsu, Assistant Professor of Economics, SUNY New Paltz, USA

Paul Hughes, President and Founder, Green Fox Energy Group, USA

Gabriel A. Huppé, Project Offcier, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD), Canada

Anna Hyrske, Senior Adviser and ESG specialist in a Finish pension insurance company, Finland

Catherine Jackson, Advisor, Responsible Investment, PGGM, Canada

Sanford Jacoby, Professor of Management, Public Policy and History at UCLA, USA

Anthony James, Principal, PwC, Australia

Michael Jantzi,  CEO, Sustainalytics, Canada

Xinting Jia, Responsible Investment Unit, Mercer's investment consulting, Australia

John Jarrett, Associate Director, ESG Research, FTSE International, United Kingdom

Keith Johnson, Head of Institutional Investors Service practice group, Reinhart Boerner Van Deuren, USA

Nick Kalikajaros, CEO and Founder, Ploutos Global Advisory and, Australia

Anthony D. Kamson, Founder, Kamson Financial Solutions International, USA

Adam Kanzer, Managing Director and General Counsel, Domini Social Investment LLC, USA

Stuart Kay, Chief Sustainability Officer, GreenPlace Assets, Japan

Sean Kidney, CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative, United Kingdom

Matthew J. Kiernan, Founder and Chief Executive, Inflection Point Capital Management, United Kingdom

Therese Kieve, Senior Analyst and Engagement Officer, ShareAction, United Kingdom

Corey Klemmer, CEO, Metamorphosis Retreats, USA

Robert Klijn, ESG Specialist, Fair Impact, the Netherlands

Andrew Kluth, Director, Cambridge Sustainability Consultants Ltd, United Kingdom

Eric Knight, Rhodes Scholar at the University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Janelle Knox-Hayes, D.Phil candidate in Economic Geography at Oxford, United Kingdom

Sandra Korn, Research Analyst, Croatan Institute, USA

Christine Kosmider, Graduate, SUNY New Paltz, USA

Thomas Krick, Manager, Accenture Sustainability Services, Germany

Jonas Kron, Director of Shareholder Advocacy, Trillium Asset Management, LLC, USA

Cary Krosinsky, Director, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, USA

Claudia Kruse, Independent responsible investment professional, United Kingdom

Michael Krzus, Former Partner at Grant Thornton LLP and President of Enhanced Business Reporting, USA

Kazutaka Kuroda, Social Media Director and Co-Chair of Japan Working Group, Network for Sustainable Financial Markets, Japan

Rob Lake, Independent Responsible Investment Advisor; formerly at PRI, APG and Henderson Global Investors, London, United Kingdom

Floris Lambrechtsen, Owner Director, Double Dividend, the Netherlands

Ruben Langbroek, Head of Asia Pacific, GRESB, Singapore

George Latham, Managing Partner, WHEB Asset Management, London, United Kingdom

Winnie Lau, Conservation Financing Expert, USA

Maxime Le Floc'h, Responsible Investment Analyst, United Kingdom

James Leaton, Project Director, Carbon Tracker Initiative, United Kingdom

Paul Lee, Head of Corporate Governance, Aberdeen Asset Management, United Kingdom

Karel Leeflang, Managing Partner EMEA, Organizational Capital Partners, a division of StrategyPod Consulting, Geneva, Switzerland

Jeremy Leggett, Founder and Executive Director,  Solarcentury, United Kingdom

Sanford Lewis, Attorney focused on enviromental laws and securities. USA

Jinyan Li, Professor at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada

Michael Lloyd, Director, LCA Europe Limited and Senior Research Fellow, Global Policy Institute, United Kingdom

Celine Louche, Associate Professor, Audencia School of Management, France

Linda Lowson, CEO and Chief Counsel, Global ESG Regulatory Academy‚Ñ¢ and CSR Insight LLC, USA

Justine Lutterodt, Director, Center for Synchronous Leadership. United Kingdom

Steve Lydenberg, Partner, Strategic Vision, Domini Social Investments, USA

Mark Lyster, Consultant and Adviser, Corporations in Sustainability Policy, Switzerland

Craig Mackenzie, Senior Investment Strategist, Aberdeen Asset Management, United Kingdom

Martina Macpherson, Founder and Managing Partner, Sustainable Investment Partners, United Kingdom

Rachel Madeiros-Mhende, Fund Rating Manager, Asset Owners Disclosure Project, United Kingdom

Stephanie Maier, Head of Corporate Responsibility, Aviva Investors, United Kingdom

Michael Mainelli, Executive Chairman, Z/Yen, a City of London commercial think tank, United Kingdom

Tony Manwaring, Tomorrow's Company, United Kingdom

Joseph Mariathasan, Independent Consultant and Investment Specialist, United Kingdom

Franz Maritsch, Independent sustainable and renewable energy production consultant, USA and Austria

Antony Marsden, Corporate Governance Manager, Henderson Global Investors, United Kingdom

John Mathews, Foundation Chair of Competitive Dynamics and Global Strategy, LUISS Guido University, Italy

Benjamin McCarron, Managing Director, Asia Research and Engagement, Singapore

Mark McElroy, Executive Director, Center for Sustainable Organizations, USA

James McRitchie, Publisher,, USA

Jane Meacham, Freelance Corporate Sustainable Researcher and Writer, USA

Alba Melchor, Project Manager, Thomson Reuters, UK

Alessandro Mele, Founder & CEO, EthicalFin, UK

Vishal Mewasingh, Billingual Trader & Business Development Manager, Suvarna Capital, UK

Sandy J. Miles, Professor of Human Resources Management, Murray State University, Kentucky, USA.

Hiroshi Miyai, Member of Advisory Board, Nikko Research Center, Inc., Director of the Research Institute for Policies on Pension & Aging, Visiting Professor of Chuo Graduate School of International Accounting, Japan

Terry Mock, Executive Director, Sustainable Land Development International and SLDI Newsletter Editor, USA

Robert A. G. Monks, Esq., Lens Governance Advisors, P.A., USA

Paige Morrow, Head of Brussels Operations, Frank Bold, Belgium

Fritz Mostboeck,Vice Chairman Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management, Member Executive Board, EFFAS , Austria

Paul Moxey, Visiting Professor in Corporate Governance, London South Bank University, United Kingdom

Ivo Mulder, REDD+ Economics Advisor, UNEP, Kenya

Marcy Murninghan, Co-Founder and Editor-in-Chief, The Murninghan Post, USA

Mike Musuraca, Pension Fund Manager, USA

Michael Nagy, Director of Institutional Development and Consultant Relations, Christian Brothers Investment Services, USA

Neil Nastanski, Derivatives Trading Professional, USA

Luisa Nenci, Green Finance Strategist & CEO, SustainValues, Spain

My-Linh Ngo, ESG Analyst, United Kingdom

Rene Nicolodi, Sustainability analyst and deputy head of the sutaibility research team, ZBK, Switzerland

Gordon Noble, Managing Director, Inflection Point Capital Management, Australia

Dahreush Noory, Regional Sales Consultant, Calvert Investments, USA

Randolph Nordby, Internal Sales Consultant, Calvert Investments, USA

Patricia Nwobodo, Executive Director, Savannah Bank, Nigeria

Frederic Nystrom, Client Manager, GES Investment Services, Sweden

Simon O'Connor, CEO, Responsible Investment Association, Australia

Louise O'Halloran, Former Executive Director, Responsible Investment Association Australasia, United Kingdom.

David O'Hara, Founder, Blackthorn Focus, United Kingdom

James O'Loughlin, Founder and CEO, JOL Consulting, United Kingdom

Matt Orsagh, Director, Capital Markets Policy, USA

Jim Osborne, Retired Pension Trustee, Glasgow, Scotland

Will Oulton, Global Head Responsible Investment, First State Investments, United Kingdom

Stuart Palmer, Head of Ethics, Australian Ethical Investment, Australia

Alessandro Panerai, National Coordinator, Push Your Parents Campaign, France

Frank Partnoy, Professor of Law and Herzog Endowed Scholar, San Diego University, USA

Scott Paul, Senior Fellow, Climate Advisers, USA

Susheela Peres Da Costa, Deputy Managing Director, Regnan - ESG research and engagement, Australia

Louis Perroy, Specialist on Climate Change matters, Ecosecurities, United Kingdom

Avinash Persaud, Chairman, Intelligence Capital and Member of the Board, Elara Capital, Ltd., United Kingdom

Steve Podmore, Founder & CEO, Transform Capital Management Ltd, and Founder, The Get Stuff Done Foundation, United Kingdom

Maryellen Polikoff, Investment & Insurance Advisor, Leede Financial Markets, Canada

Priya Nandita Pooran, Legal and Regulatory Expert on Financial Regulation, United Kingdom

Julian Poulter, Independent Consultant, London, United Kingdom

Tom Powdrill, Responsible Investment Coordinator, International Transport Workers Federation, United Kingdom

Poonam Puri, Associate Professor Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada

Robert Purse, Director and General Manager, Human Potential Accounting and Responsible Trade Worldwide, United Kingdom

Ellen Quigley, Senior Programme Manager, Investment Leaders Group, Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership, United Kingdom

Amin Rajan, CEO, CRETE-Research, strategy advisor for Global Banks and Funds, United Kingdom

Michael Reddy, Director, Human Potential Accounting, United Kingdom

Richard Reed, Professor, Deakin University, Melbourne, Australia

Mimi Reichenbach, BA Student, Yale University, USA

Tracey Rembert, Senior Manager, Investment Engagement, Ceres, USA

Justin Ritchie, Ph.D Student, University of British Columbia, Canada

Mark Robertson, Head of Communications, Sedex Global, London, United Kingdom

Nick Robins, Co-Director, UNEP Inquiry into the Design of a Sustainable Financial System, Geneva/London, Switzerland/United Kingdom

Peter Roselle, Vice President and Financial Advisor, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management, USA

Willam Russell-Smith, Managing Director, AQ Research Ltd, United Kingdom

Joakim Sandberg, Associate Professor, University of Gothenburg and Research Manager, Mistra Center for Sustainable Markets, Stockholm School of Economics, Sweden

Miguel Santisteve, Associate Director, NASDAQ OMX Advisory Services, New York, USA

Janis Sarra, Professor and Director, National Center for Business law, University of British Columbia, Canada

Charles Scanlan, former Practising Pension lawyer and Head of Pension at the Law Firm Simons & Simons, United Kingdom

Katie Schmitz Eulitt, Director, Stakeholder Engagement Advisory Council Chair, Sustainability Accounting Standards Board, USA

Robert Schuwerk, Senior Counsel, Carbon Tracker Initiative, USA

Robert Schwarz, ESG Analyst, USA

Brett Scott, Fellow, WWF/ICAEW Finance Innovation Lab, London, United Kingdom

Olivia Seddon-Daines, Diversity Research Analyst, New Financial, United Kingdom

Sumantra Sen, Founder & CEO, RIRA, India

Scott Shagory, Impact & Venture Investing, Global Growth Markets, USA

Nicholas Shaxson, Writer & Author, Zurich, Switzerland

Joshua Sheppard, Project Manager, Asset Owners Disclosure Project, Australia

Howard Sherman, Former President and CEO, Governance Metrics International, USA

Priti Shokeen, MSCI ESG, Toronto, Canada

Dan Siddy,Founding Director, Delius Ltd., United Kingdom

Michael Siebecker, Visiting Professor, Washington University Law School and Professor Law, University of Florida, USA

Renard Siew, PhD Candidate, University of New South Wales, Australia

Mariana Silva, Sustainable Finance Project Officer, International Institute for Sustainable Development (IISD Europe), Geneva, Switzerland.

Nick Silver, pension policy consultant, Director, Callund Consulting Ltd. United Kingdom

Graham Sinclair, Principal, SinCo and Co-founder,, South Africa & USA

Jasper Sky, Academic Projects Manager Consultant, Germany

Pauline Skypala, Editor of FTfm, United Kingdom

Florian Sommer, Senior Strategist, Union Investment, Germany

Russell Sparkes, Chief Investment Officer, Central Finance Board of the Methodist Church, United Kingdom

Jeanne Stampe, Asia Finance and Commodities Specialist, WWF International, Singapore

Adam Steiner, CEO, SVGIM, United Kingdom

Hamish Stewart, Legal Consultant, ClientEarth, United Kingdom

Tamaki Stiles, Financial Analysis and Data Management Adviser, Leaders in Energy, USA

Bud Sturmak, Partner, RLP Wealth Advisors, USA

Aparna Sundaram, Director of Finance and Principal Consultant, Treeeni Sustainability Solutions, USA

Peter Sweatman, Founder and Chef Executive, Climate Strategy, Spain

Nelson A. Switzer, President & Chief Sustainability Officer, Asherleaf Consulting Inc, Canada

Robert Swift, Managing Director, API Capital, Australia

Laureen Tessier, Corporate Governance Analyst, France

Antoine Thalmann, Co-founder, Push Your Parents and Analyst, Oxera Consulting, United Kingdom

Raj Thamotheram, Responsible Investment specialist with experience of institutional investors, United Kingdom and France

Sebastien Thevoux-Chabuel, Head of ESG Research, Groupama, France

Jacob Thomae, Programme Manager, 2° Investing Initiative, Paris, France

Gabriel Thoumi, Sr. Sustainability Analyst, Calvert Investments, USA

Sophia Tickell, Founder & Partner, Meteos, United Kingdom

Jeroen Tielman, Founder and CEO, IMQubator, Netherlands

Matthew Tilbrook, Assoisiate, Turquoise Int. Corporate Finance, United Kingdom

Matteo Tonello, Director, Corporate Governance Research, The Conference Board Inc, USA

Ian Tozer, Research Intern, Preventable Surprises, United Kingdom

Alexandra Tracy, President, Hoi Ping Ventures, Hong Kong

Takashi Tsutsumi, HR Strategic Business Partner, Eli Lilly and Company, Japan

Shann Turnbull, Principlal, International Institute for Self-Governance, Australia

Lorna Tweedie, Senior Manager, Australia

Mike Tyrrell, Editor, SRI Connect, United Kingdom

Roger Clive Urwin, Global head of Investment Consulting, Watson and Wyatt, United Kingdom

Paul Udall, Portfolio Manager, Temporis Capital, United Kingdom

Liesel van Ast, Programme Manager, Natural Capital Declaration, United Kingdom

Mark Van Clieaf, Managing Director, MVC Associates International, USA

Raymond van Ermen, Executive Director or European Partners for the Environment, Belgium

Antoinette van Lier, Partner, Ownership Capital, Netherlands.

Michael Van Patten, CEO and founder, Mission Markets and Mission Markets Earth LLC, USA

P.M. VasudevAssociate Professor, University of Ottawa, Faculty of Law, Common Law Section, Canada

Rosalie Vendette,  Senior Advisor, Socially Responsible Investment, Desjardins Investments Inc., Quebec, Canada

Alex Veys, Partner and fund manager, Beetle Capital which specialises in Natural Capital Asset Management, United Kingdom

Stephen Viederman, Christopher Reynolds Foundation, USA

Ulrich Volz, Associate Professor, SOAS, United Kingdom

Jason Voss, Content Director, CFA Institute, USA

Andrew Voysey, Director, Finance Sector Platforms, University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), United Kingdom

Ed Waitzer, Partner, Stikeman Elliott, and Jarislowky Dimma Mooney Chair in Corporate Governance, Osgoode Hall Law School and the Schulich School of Business, York University, Canada

Harald Walkate, SVP, Head of Responsible Investment, Aegon Asset Management, The Netherlands

Robert Walker, Director of Governance and Social Research, HSBC Global Banking and Markets, United Kingdom

Robert Walker, Vice President of Sustainability, NEI Investments, Canada

Aidan Ward, Organisational Systems Consultant, Kent, United Kingdom

John Waugh, Director, Climate and Environment, Integra, USA

Steve Waygood, Chief Responsible Investment Officer, Aviva Investors, United Kingdom

Hugh Wheelan, Editor and Co founder, Responsible Investors, United Kingdom

Helen Wildsmith, Head of Ethical & Responsible Investment, CCLA Investment Management, City of London, United Kingdom

Cynthia Williams, Osler Chair in Business Law, Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada

Alan Willis, Chartered Professional Accountant, Canada

Mark Wist, Asset Consultant, Australia

Simon Wong, Independent Adviser, USA

Alexander Wood, Environmental and Economic Adviser, Canada

Claire Woods, Clarendon Scholar, University of Oxford, United Kingdom

Weiou Wu, Postdoctoral Researcher, University of Limerick, Ireland

Eri Yamaguchi, Special Investment Officer, New York State Common Retirement Fund, USA

Jay Youngdahl, Senior Fellow, Initiative for Responsible Investment, Harvard University, USA

Tracey Zalk, Fellow, Global Sustainability Institute, Cambridge, UK

Lynn Zhang, Research Associate, China Academy of Financial Research (CAFR), Shanghai Jiao Tong University, China

Richard Zimmerman, Private Banker, USA

Peer Zumbansen, the Canada Research Chair in the Transnational and Comparative Law of Corporate Governance at Osgoode Hall Law School, York University, Canada

Steve Zwick, Managing Editor, Ecosystem Marketplace, USA