Aida Hassar


Aida Hassar completed her undergraduate degree in Finance at Concordia University, Montreal. During her last year of school, she has developed a strong interest for sustainability and has started research and data collection work to prove that sustainable innovation in business produces real commercial benefits.

She is currently working in a financial services company and intends to complete the Sustainable Investment Professional Certification Program (SIPC) starting September 2016. Her ultimate goal is to start a financial planning firm that educates and empowers, in order to teach people how to invest their money in socially responsible and green companies, ETFs, and impact investments. It will give her the opportunity to do what she loves: get involved with the community, build relationships and work with businesses that will be transforming the economy.

Also, Aida is fluent in four different languages for having studied in three countries, with excellent command of writing skills in French and English.

Joining the NSFM has been a unique chance to expand her knowledge in the areas of sustainable and green investing, which allows her to combine her lifelong environmentalism with her passion for finance.

Interests: "Sustainable businesses build successful economies."

  • Climate change and investment risk and opportunity
  • Energy efficiency
  • Transition to low-carbon economies
  • Green economy and green investing

Email: aida[at]
Phone: +15146625576