Alessandro Mele


Current Activities:

In my capacity as founder and CEO of EthicalFin (previously Ad Majora), I thrive to “bring ethics into finance and finance to sustainable businesses”. With a team of 12 high integrity professionals working as advisors to EthicalFin, we support mostly italian and/or clean tech companies raise capital through both equity and debt transactions. Our business model is based on a “win-win-win” predicament: we work for corporates on a retained + success fee basis, and co-invest alongside the investors once a deal has been reached.


After graduating summa cum laude at Bocconi University in 1995, I was hired as an intern by FSA, the american financial insurance company. In 1996 I completed an MBA at Cass University and returned to FSA. In 1998 I was poached by Deutsche Bank and moved into investment banking, working for HVB (head of southern Europe) and Bank of America (Head of continental european origination) in the asset-based origination team. When the financial crisis hit, and Bank of America dismantled the London ABS team, I was called by a client to act as an independent advisor and so I created my company. We are now FCA regulated and originate, structure and place equity and debt deals in the clean tech, renewable energy and sustainable business. Website being updated, will be live again by the end of the month.


  • Corporate finance
  • Italian equity and debt markets
  • Securitisation
  • Clean technology
  • Renewable energy
  • Non-perform loans

Email: am[at]