Alexander Wood


Alexander Wood has spent the last 18 years working on environment/economy issues, in the private, non-profit, and public sectors. He started his career with WWF in Washington, DC, where he spent 8 years. He then moved back to Canada to run the National Round Table on the Environment and the Economy’s work on fiscal policy and the environment, and eventually acted as the NRTEE’s President and CEO. He then spent a year advising TD Bank Financial Group on the development and implementation of its environmental strategy. Alex recently joined Sustainable Prosperity – a new think tank based at the University of Ottawa which is dedicated to developing and advocating policy and market models that will promote a green economy in Canada.


Alex’s general interest is in the role that financial/capital markets can play in addressing climate change and other environmental problems. He is interested in how public policy can be designed to create environmental markets that provide incentives for positive economic and environmental outcomes, and in particular how public policy can be used to promote private investment flows into sustainable economic activity.

Email: alex[at]