Amy Galland


Amy Galland is an independent consultant providing analysis, strategy, and sustainability expertise. Amy was the Research Director at As You Sow where she wrote numerous publications analyzing industry performance on key issues of corporate responsibility including benchmarking best practices in supply chain monitoring, recycling, sustainability, purchasing, and product safety.  Amy coordinated and managed stakeholder groups and has led successful shareholder engagements on greenhouse gas reduction/renewable energy, sustainability, and environmental health resulting in increased disclosure, the development of new corporate policies, commitments to labeling for product safety, and the Federal Trade Commission expanding its jurisdiction to mercury warnings on CFLs. Amy was awarded a PHD and began her career as an art historian as an adjunct-assistant professor of modern and American art.  She also was awarded a MA in anthropology from Stanford University and an MBA from UCLA.


I am interested in using responsible public and private investments to move companies to reduce our impacts upon the environment and expanding the awareness and adoption of responsible investment strategies.

Email:  amy.galland[at]

Twitter:  @amygalland