Andreas Feiner


Current activities:

Carrying out research in values-based investing, sharing and disseminating research results with the aim of informing institutions, decision makers and the public of the medium to long-term benefits of corporate sustainability.


Andreas Feiner is founding partner and Head of Values Based Research and Advisory at Arabesque. He was involved in the development of Arabesque at Barclays Bank plc and is a member of the management team that conducted a buyout of Arabesque from Barclays. Arabesque is now a fully independent firm and offers a values-based asset management service which combines state-of-the-art portfolio management technology with the values of the UN Global Compact, the Principles for Responsible Investments (PRI), and balance sheet and business activity screening. Andreas is responsible for the Sustainability Process at Arabesque, which is the basis for all of Arabesque`s flagship funds, and Bespoke Solutions, which offers tailor-made products based on investors` individual preferences.

Andreas is heavily involved in carrying out research in the area of sustainability and has co-authored a breakthrough report together with Prof Gordon L. Clark and Dr Michael Viehs of Oxford University titled ‘From the Stockholder to the Stakeholder’ which sets out a business case for corporate sustainability.

Andreas has worked as Head of Distribution, Barclays Saudi Arabia, Barclays Capital and WestLB, equity portfolio manager at Metzler Asset Management and equity research analyst at Bankhaus Metzler seel. Sohn & Co.


  1. Carrying out research into areas of corporate sustainability and its link to medium to long-term company performance
  2. Advocating to institutions, decision-makers and the public on the benefits of sustainable investing

Email: Andreas.Feiner[at]