Andreas Grimminger

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Andreas is the Founder and Managing Director of PGS Advisors International, a boutique advisory firm on policy, governance and sustainability.. Over the better part of the last decade he has worked with the World Bank and OECD on corporate governance and policy issues in Latin America, Asia and around the globe. From 2004 to 2011, he was the Co-Head of Research and Director of Communications at eStandardsForum/Financial Standards Foundation where publicly available information on compliance with 12 Key Financial Standards such as the OECD’s Principles of Corporate Governance was utilized to produce comprehensive profiles for 93 countries. Andreas is a regular participant and presenter in the OECD’s Corporate Governance Roundtables in Asia and Latin America and has published on a number of policy and governance issues in both regions. Andreas holds a Masters in International Affairs from Columbia University in New York and a Master in Political Science from the University of Munich.


Bridging the communication gap between the policy community, companies and investors in corporate governance and ESG. Developing information exchange tools and market incentives to improve corporate ESG practices. I have just published an IFC study on the issue of corporate governance stock exchanges, which are a good example of applied market incentives.

Email: agrimminger[at]
Twitter: @pgsadvisors
Tel: +1 917 6402386