Andrew Clearfield


I am currently a private consultant to institutional investors on corporate governance and related areas. My firm is named Investment Initiatives, LLC. Before that, I was Director of International Corporate Governance at TIAA-CREF for five years, and an international portfolio manager at CREF for nineteen years before that. I have served as a Governor of the ICGN for three years, and remain Chairman of the ICGN Subcommittee on Securities Lending, which has authored a Code on Securities Lending, issued in 2005. I am also a founder member of the Advisory Board of Euronext, and have worked with the Conference Board, the CII, and various other investor groups down through the years. In 2005 I was the Chairman of the GIGN, a collaborative effort of 15 - 23 institutions interested in aiding one another on initiatives involving governance issues. In 2006 and 2007, having left TIAA-CREF, I provided the GIGN with its Secretariat. The work of my consultancy, as well as some of my recent blogs on these topics, may be found at my website,


I am interested in most of the endeavours mentioned at your website, but particularly on Risk and Systemic Stability and on Financial Regulation. I hope that the NSFM may find my contributions of some use.

Email: amc[at]