Andrew Voysey



As Director of Finance Sector Platforms at the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL), Andrew leads CISL's business platforms in the global insurance (ClimateWise), banking (Banking Environment Initiative) and investment (Investment Leaders Group) industries.

CISL builds strategic leadership capacity to tackle global challenges in pursuit of a sustainable world. One way it does this, informed by research from the University of Cambridge and elsewhere, is by catalysing leadership through its business platforms. Created and sponsored by their respective Chief Executives, these platforms convene a select group of multi-national businesses that share the ambition to collaborate, learn and lead by example. They aim to change industry practice and/or public policy to build a financial system that values a sustainable future.

Since 2008, Andrew has developed a number of multi-stakeholder, consensus-building processes. In 2012, he initiated and led the two-year process that created the agreement between the Banking Environment Initiative and the Consumer Goods Forum of the ‘Soft Commodities’ Compact. This work has been welcomed by the US Government and used as an example of pioneering industry-to-industry collaboration by the World Economic Forum.

Prior to joining CISL, Andrew worked at the UK Government Department for Business, at the international insurance company RSA and as the Principal Researcher for the Lead Advisor to the OECD on City and Regional Development. He holds a first-class honours degree in Geography from the University of Oxford, a Professional Masters (MProf) in Leadership for Sustainable Development and is a trained facilitator. He is married and lives in London.


I'm focused on how we create a financial system that drives an inclusive economy and operates within the boundaries of a finite planet.

I'm fascinated by how much of the change needed can result from leadership from the incumbents vs disruption from new entrants; the role of voluntary business leadership in triggering transformational change; and the potential for change opened up by enabling business leaders to work authentically across boundaries that are currently preventing action to build a more sustainable world – whether those boundaries are between direct competitors, between corporate and financial services industries, or between the private sector and government, academia and wider civil society.

Particular areas of focus of late have included:

  • Transforming how we finance agricultural and energy value chains to achieve sustainability
  • Trade finance and commodity trade
  • Insurance and strategic responses to climate change risk
  • Long-term investing
  • Global banking regulation (Basel III) and systemic environmental risks

Email: andrew.voysey[at]

Twitter: @avoysey