Aparna Sundaram

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Current Activities:

Advising Fortune 1000 companies on the value of integrating sustainability issues into business strategy and operations, specifically to improve margins and margin stability and to attract lower cost capital.


Aparna Sundaram is a licensed investment banker with expertise in energy efficiency, renewables, and, more broadly, sustainability. She is currently Director of Finance and Principal Consultant at Treeeni Sustainability Solutions, an India-based global services startup.

Aparna has advised startups and established businesses on capital raising, from structure to sales, so as to leverage sustainability-related initiatives to broaden the investor pool and lower the cost of capital. Prior to Wall Street, Aparna worked as an entrepreneur in Tibet for almost a decade in double-bottom line ventures that changed the way businesses in the region engaged with suppliers, procured raw materials, and marketed their products.


Interested in contributing to frameworks that reveal the core influence of environmental and social factors to financial market actors, be they short-term participants or long.

Email: missaparna[at]gmail.com

Cell: 917-301-6564