Charles Scanlan


I was a practising pensions lawyer in the City of London for over 25 years and am the former Head of Pensions at the law firm Simmons & Simmons. I have been publicly involved in the legal debate over the role of responsible investment by pension schemes since before the making of the UK disclosure regulations on this subject in 1999. Following my retirement from practice, I have continued my involvement in this field: I edited a book on the law of responsible investment in the UK , Socially Responsible Investment: a Guide for Pension Schemes and Charities (Key Haven Publications PLC, 2005) and was the author of the sections of the book relating to pensions law. Since 2006 I have done some work with FairPensions, the UK charity campaigning for responsible investment by pension funds and their agents; this has been mainly in connection with submissions to public consultations on law or practice affecting pension fund investment.


I am especially interested in the Network's working group on the fiduciary duty of long-term investors. As well as the interpretation of existing law in this area, I am interested in potential changes to the law to promote responsible investment by both trust-based and contract-based institutional investors.

Email: cdascanlan[at]