Corey Klemmer



I have researched and written extensively on fiduciary duties generally, and specifically under ERISA. In the course of that work, I have developed and championed the concept of a fiduciary duty of sustainability. I've also researched and written on materiality standards for corporate disclosures and the corresponding legal concepts of reasonableness and prudence. I also have worked on shareholder campaigns by drafting investor statements and shareholder proposal defense letters to the SEC.

I am the CEO of Metamorphosis Retreats, a sustainable corporate travel company committed to building awareness and understanding of sustainability issues in the private sector. My career has spanned politics, the non-profit sector, asset management and the law -- addressing ESG issues from environmental human rights to the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. The diversity of arenas in which I have advocated for sustainability provides me with a unique perspective and a great foundation to build on as I've looked towards market-based solutions to sustainability issues.
Expertise and Interests:
Legal expertise on CSR and SRI issues, including corporate finance and disclosures, financial law, international trade and banking, as well as more theoretical issues like standards of prudence, reasonableness, and fiduciary duties. I am most excited about the potential to get guidance from the DOL acknowledging the shared interest of all pension fund beneficiaries in sustainability -- a move that would fundamentally change the rules of pension fund investing. Guidance from the SEC on materiality standard could have similar effect on the corporate side. Both changes would come with substantial costs but also bring tremendous benefits and potential for sustainable economies.
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