David O'Hara


I am the Founder of Blackthorn Focus, an independent publications and events company.

You might recall us being in touch in my previous role as Projects Director with AQ Research, where I reported to William Russell-Smith.

I am currently working on some ideas for new events that the Network could use to further its initiatives and goals. Similarly, there are a number of issues that I am not as informed upon as I would like to be.

To this end, I would like to join the Network if possible and collaborate on any initiatives. My first port of call would be the 'Governance and House-Keeping Working Group'.

I have been investing in equities for the last twelve years. In this time I have become aware of significant shortcomings in the financial markets, which appear to stem from an innappropriate chanelling of capital. From time-to-time this results in substantial difficulties within specific areas of the market.

The time I spent with AQ Research between 2004 and 2009 taught me how to identify issues and put together forums that might highlight solutions.

Much of the time in my new role with Blackthorn Focus has been dedicated to issues within the UK smallcap markets. I hope to begin to expand on this and being to touch upon issues of investor engagement and corporate governance in the hope of establishing new consensus.

Email: david[at]blackthornfocus.com