Dean Cooper

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Current activities:

My NSFM activities fit with the climate change and investing work stream. My Company, Quintal Partners, specialises in capital formation for the deployment of clean energy infrastructure and technology solutions worldwide.


Dean is a leading clean energy advisor with 17 years of top-tier corporate finance, investment banking, management consulting, private equity and venture capital expertise in sectors including cleantech, infrastructure, renewable energy and utilities.

He is a founding partner of Quintal Partners, a Hong Kong based advisory business that specialises in sustainable clean energy infrastructure capital solutions.


My core areas of NSFM-related activities.
1. In Asia, every kilowatt hour is precious. The infrastructure build-out is following trends in the West, with increased emphasis on resource efficiency and distributed energy, water and waste architecture based on the constraints of population, resource, and topography. The new-build and high-yield climate investment opportunities in Asia is one pathway to a low carbon world.
2. Capital formation for the global transition to a low-carbon economy, providing investable alternative energy solutions to fill the void created from the fossil fuel divestment campaign.

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