Dr. Danyelle Guyatt


Dr Danyelle Guyatt wrote a PhD on the behavioural impediments to long-term responsible investing, and over the years has held various positions in academia, research and fund management. She is currently a visiting fellow at the University of Bath and works for a global consulting firm that provides advice to institutional investors on various aspects of their investment decisions, specialising in particular on long-term responsible investment.


I am particularly interested in finding solutions to the conventions that have come to prevail in the financial markets and the behaviour that they produce, such as short-termism, herding and narrow investment criteria. I think alot of the problem with the financial system and market agents - including institutional investors, central banks and the regulators - is that we continue to cling to the assumptions that underpin traditional economic and finance theory in forming expectations of risk and return. Behavioural economics is building strong evidence that the markets, and people, are more complex than traditional theory espouses. When we truly recognise this and systematically integrate behavioural realities into investment decisions then we will be closer to finding a market solution to a more sustainable outcome. I believe this network will potentially be a powerful force to assist in challenging current conventions and raising these important issues.

Email: danyelle.guyatt[at]mercer.com