Eduardo Atehortua

Current Activities:

My main experience in SFM its divide in three blocks:

Climate Finance: Since 2015 I have been working with the Colombian planning department and commercial banks to develop an initiative that allow the country to advance in the Green Bond Market. A first milestone of the project was the issue of the first Green Bond by a Colombian entity (Grupo Bancolombia) in December 2016.

Promoting Sustainability Investment: Support the creation of the Latin American Sustainable Investment Forum - LatinSIF. Organization dedicated to promoting the incorporation of sustainability criteria in the decision making of investors in Latin America.

Working with companies: Identify action plans to be developed by companies to strengthen the management of sustainability using the CSA develop by RobecoSAM.


I start working in Deloitte in 2007 and helped in the creation of the sustainability service in Deloitte Colombia in 2008. I support the development of the green bonds practice in Deloitte Globally and since 2015 I join the Sustainable Finance global team.

Also outside my work in Deloitte I´m a professor in Eafit University in Medellin, I run a network of sustainability professionals (, run a platform to promote social and environmental entrepreneurs in Colombia ( and as of right now I´m the Interim Director of LatinSIF (

I love my country Colombia and I´m passionate about my family and cycling.


I want to work with the network professionals in 4 topics that I consider I have the expertise to move forward:

  • I want to help the Network to increase their presence in Latin America!
  • Advance the sustainability investment agenda in Latin America thorough LatinSIF
  • Promote climate finances in Latin America, especially Green Bonds
  • Bring more impact investment funds to Latin America to finance entrepreneurs that are creating companies to solve social and environmental challenges.

Email: eatehort[at]
Twitter: @eatehort
Phone: 5743146534885