Eric Knight


Eric Knight is currently a candidate for the D.Phil. at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. He has a Bachelor of Law with First Class Honours and a Bachelor of Arts majoring in international relations and sociology from the University of Sydney. He is involved in environmental finance research at the OECD, HSBC Investment Bank, the James Martin 21st Century School, and the Said Business School, Oxford University. He has previously worked in Australian federal politics, as an Associate for Baker & McKenzie in Sydney, and is admitted as a Solicitor to the Supreme Court of New South Wales.


Financial markets face a daunting challenge in trying to reconcile the demand for growth with the necessity of social and environmental sustainability. Climate change makes this conflict particularly pronounced. I am interested in how we develop the right regulatory mix to achieve this balance. Importantly, this requires empirically examining the success of current regulatory strategies, including the European carbon markets, and identifying where they do too little or not enough. I am also focussed on improving the quality of quant-based research which links environmental impacts to financial risk, both
in the context of regulation as well as in the context of physical geographical change.

Email: eric.knight[at]