Fritz Mostboeck


Friedrich Mostböck has a master's degree in Business Administration from the University of Economics of Vienna and is a graduate of the ÖVFA/EFFAS training course for Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management (CEFA = Certified European Financial Analyst). Mr. Mostböck has been Head of Group Research and Chief Analyst at Erste Group since 1996. In this position, he has gained vast experience in dealing with institutional clients worldwide and especially those representing the capital markets of Central and Eastern Europe. Previously, he was Head of Research at Schoellerbank, where he was responsible for the Austria research team (macro/fixed income and equity) within Bayerische Vereinsbank group at the time.

He has been a member of the Managing Board of the Austrian Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (ÖVFA) since 1998, and since 2003, President of the Managing Board. Mr. Mostböck has been a member of the Executive Management Committee of EFFAS (European Federation of Financial Analysts Societies) since 2006. Furthermore, he is chairman of the EFFAS Commission on ESG (environmental, social and governance issues), a board member of the Austrian Working Group for Corporate Governance and the Austrian Financial Reporting and Auditing Committee. He is the author of many books and publishes essays in financial publications and special-interest magazines. He has written numerous articles focusing on the capital markets of Central and Eastern Europe, on corporate governance and on corporate responsibility. He also received a military education from the Austrian army, where he served lastly as company commander with the rank of captain.


Mr. Mostböck's particular interests include a variety of sports (tennis, skiing, sailing, soccer). He takes (from a business point of view) a special interest in how financial markets improve their functioning with an ESG (environmental, social and governance issues) and corporate responsibility orientation.

Email:  friedrich.mostboeck[at]