Gary Cundill



I am engaged in part-time doctoral studies, and am currently researching the question as to how best may shareholders influence executives with respect to a firm's environmental and social impacts.

I work for a South African-based Group of chemical and explosives manufacturing companies.  My role includes corporate responsibility for environmental, health and safety issues.  I serve on the Group's Social and Ethics Committee, and chair the Responsible Care Standing Committee for the South African Chemical and Allied Industries Association.  I am currently engaged in pursuing an International Executive Doctorate through Cranfield University's School of Management.


  • How may shareholders influence executives with respect to a firm’s environmental and social impacts?
  • The range of environmental and social impacts that is of interest to shareholders.
  • The degree to which these interests have changed over time.
  • The extent to which different classes of shareholders' interests diverge.
  • The conditions that lead to shareholders deciding to exert influence over the executive.
  • The degree to which executive decisions and actions result from shareholder influence.
  • Changes in environmental and social impacts that result from executive decisions and actions.

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