George Latham

Current Activities

Managing Partner of sustainability focused asset management boutique. We keep a regular blog on our thoughts on markets and sustainability themes here: Quite regular commentator on issues to do with long-term thinking in investment.


George has been involved in the asset management industry since 1996, mostly managing funds with explicit sustainable and responsible investment mandate. He set up Threadneedle Investment’s approach to thinking about Environmental, Social and Governance analysis within the investment process in 1998. He joined the Henderson SRI team in 2001 and later became head of the team.

Whilst at Henderson the SRI team:

- won the USS/FT competition “Managing a pension fund as if the long-term really mattered”

- was cited as best practise in the SRI industry by Mistra

- was voted No1 SRI team in the Extel awards

- launched and ran the Industries of the Future investment process – a long-term, global equities fund focused on investing in solutions to sustainability challenges.

George left Henderson in 2011, and joined WHEB Asset Management together with most of the former Henderson SRI team.  At WHEB the team have carried on work on the Industries of the Future fund and now manage the IM WHEB Sustainability fund to the same process.


  • Long-term thinking in investment
  • Integration of Environmental, Social and Governance factor analysis into the investment process
  • Thematic investing around sustainability themes
  • Reform of financial markets

Email: george.latham[at]